IP in Native American Tribal Codes

In my article in the Spring 2018 IP Special Issue of the Akron Law Review I discusse Native American demands for protection and promotion of their Intellectual Property (IP), Traditional Knowledge (TK), and Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCEs) in domestic and international fora. I argue that in order for such claims to have power, one of the necessary elements for success is that the tribes themselves need to provide such protection within whatever scope of sovereignty that they exercise. In the article I examine a sample of tribal codes to determine just what Native American tribes have done to provide such protection As a supplement to the article, I provide below a link to data sheet of the survey of the nature and scope of legal and formal protection that tribal legislation in the United States has provided for intellectual property traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions.

Tribal Model Codes -Shabalala2018

Cite as: Dalindyebo Shabalala IP in Native American Tribal Codes: Data Sheet, IP& (May 8, 2018)