What I’m doing

This is a blog focused on my work and research on the relationship between Climate Change, Technology and Intellectual Property.  I’ve been an advocate for developing countries and environment for the past 10 years and now I hope to be able to add a new layer to my experience and work on this issue.  Some of you who read this blog will be familiar with my work at CIEL (where I am now Counsellor on Trade and Sustainable Development) and with the Climate Action Network, where  I co-chair the Technology Working Group, and others will be new to it. I am an Assistant Professor of International Economic Law (Intellectual Property) at Maastricht University Faculty of Law teaching Intellectual Property and I am also Visiting Assistant Professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. This blog is meant to begin to disseminate some of the results of my research on intellectual property, technology transfer and climate change and to generate discussion on further issues and research and the right policy interventions in the UNFCCC and other climate and technology negotiation venues.
Dyebo Shabalala